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 One of these posters will present the results of our expanded access program for Onc-201 in DMG/DIPG.    I am an author.  If you are at SNO this week, look for the poster:

BIOS 03 Real world clinical outcomes of patients with diffuse midline glioma in a longitudinal outcomes registry.  If not going to SNO, I will post the poster in the next news blast as it is embargoed until Friday!


The other poster is EPCO 10: Systems biology based therapeutic predictions with gbmSYGNAL and clinical correlates in the real world longitudinal outcomes registry XCELSIOR which is about our registry and some of the neat things you can do by just analyzing the data it contains!

You are going to be hearing a lot about xCures as they are at the forefront of the effort to speed up the search for the cure.  I was a co-founder of xCures and am a paid consultant to it. They (along with our other partner,  Cancer Commons) help run our patient navigation program and the registry. They also ran our expanded access program that will be described in the poster.   I started the first online brain tumor registry back in 1993 and it was impossible to get regulatory grade data. All data entry was manual, and usually missing important documents or events. We couldn't scale it as it was so labor intensive.  It took weeks to get complete records when we were able to do so. We now outsource all of that work  to xCures, and in most cases they can get complete medical records within 15-30 minutes and crunch them into a structured format and give a beautiful patient summary report of all of the highlights, They can then search their database of treatment options and the registry and find the best options for patients.  Most of this is automated so it can scale to unlimited patients.  We started with brain cancer but expanded to all cancers with an emphasis on pancreatic, lung, colon and breast cancers.
To learn more about xCures, watch this short video or visit the website!


Posted on: 11/16/2022

xCures presents clinical and translational research with two posters at the 2022 SNO Annual Meeting


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