Al's Comment:

 The Musella Foundation gave a $50,000 grant back in 2010 to get this project going.  Used by itself, it has pretty good results in a phase 1 trial:3 patents (out of 43) had long term partial responses of 54,34 and 28 months after a single injection of the treatment.  They think combining it with a checkpoint inhibitor will make it work better, and it did in mice.  It cures GBMs in mice, but now they have to prove the combination helps in people. There is a clinical trial of this combination for recurrent malignant glioma going on at Duke.  See for details. The concept makes a lot of sense. Hope it pans out.

Posted on: 02/10/2023

Immunotoxin-αCD40 therapy activates innate and adaptive immunity and generates a durable antitumor response in glioblastoma models


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