Al's Comment:

This is an exciting development in the fight against brain tumors. While previous attempts at using Car-T cells against one target have shown some success, they fell short of the desired outcome. However, the new plan to target four different targets simultaneously holds great promise. In other types of cancers, Car-T cell therapy has led to cures, not just modest improvements in survival as seen in most brain tumor trials. Brain tumors pose a unique challenge due to their heterogeneity; some cells may have that one target, while others might not. This means that targeting only one antigen is not enough, as the remaining cells without the antigen will continue to grow the tumor. By targeting four different antigens, the hope is that all tumor cells will have at least one target, leaving no way for the tumor to grow back. For more information on how Car-T cells work, check out the video in the link below. The Musella Foundation, in collaboration with other pediatric brain tumor organizations, provided a grant to Dr. Vitanza at Seattle Children's to support early work on this project through our "DIPG All-In-Initiative."

Posted on: 04/26/2023

Seattle Children's Launches Pioneering Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Targeting Four Antigens at the Same Time to Combat Pediatric Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors


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