Al's Comment:

 As I mentioned many times recently, Sonodynamic therapy is one of my favorite experimental treatments.  It is too early to tell how effective this will be, but the concept is elegant and preclinical work showed very good results.  From the patient's point of view, it is relatively easy as it is non-invasive - no cutting through the skull!   A dye is injected into the arm veins, which is taken up by tumor cells and not normal brain. Focused ultrasound is applied  (similar to the way a sonogram is done on a fetus) which kills cells that have taken up the dye. Net effect is killing cancer cells while leaving normal cells alone.  


There are two competing systems that are in clinical trials now. Nobody knows which is best. The one mentioned in the article is from the company SonALAsense, Inc. This trial is for progressive or recurrent Glioblastoma and requires that only one tumor be present. They also have a trial of the same system for newly diagnosed Glioblastoma - but only in Italy right now (check for updates).  The other is from  Alpheus Medical, Inc. and they can accept multifocal tumors. 

Posted on: 08/10/2023

Perlmutter Cancer Center Enrolls First Participant in Study of Noninvasive Treatment of Glioblastoma


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