Al's Comment:

 I started the Musella Foundation because a family member had a Glioblastoma!  I came across an article about High Dose Tamoxifen for Glioblastomas where a small number of patients did well with it, so we tried it and it worked for her.  She used high dose Tamoxifen for about 5 years, until her insurance hit it's lifetime maximum and stopped paying for any treatments.   (Luckily there is no more lifetime maximum on insurance now!).  She had a massive recurrence on her next scan, and then died. She lived for about 8.5 years from diagnosis.   Hundreds of patients then tried it based on her experiences, and it only helped a small % of them. For most patients it did nothing.  A few trials were done that showed only a small number of patients benefitted.  I am not thinking that since it had relatively little side effects, it may be worth trying it in combinations now.

Posted on: 08/23/2023

Estrogen-negative cancers respond to anti-estrogenic therapies


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