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05/27/22 Our next webinar has been postponed!        

 Sorry about that. Turns out the Sundays in May are pretty busy - with Mothers' day and the Memorial Day  holiday weekend!   We will record those two postponed webinars and post them to the video library/   Perhaps next year we will try a different day of the week!

05/27/22 Immunomic Therapeutics CEO expects meaningful test results for brain tumor drug        

 It is early but very impressive results. Will keep an eye on this!

05/27/22 We respond to 'promising' survival data from phase III trial of DCVax®-L        

 The Brain Tumor Charity's thoughts on the DCVAX results.  You can see the results at

05/27/22 Novocure Announces Clinical Collaboration with MSD on a Registrational-Intent Study to Evaluate Tumor Treating Fields Together with KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab) in Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma        

 This combination makes a lot of sense. A checkpoint inhibitor by itself has not been shown to help Glioblastomas.   They enhance immune reactions, but they require something to trigger that immune reaction.  Optune could provide that trigger, as it kills cells, the immune system is triggered and the Keytruda should be able to  enhance that immune response. A small pilot study showed good results. 

05/24/22 Shortage of contrast dye forcing hospitals world-wide to ration, and delay procedures        

 As if we did not have enough problems.   Luckily - (or unluckily) - brain tumors are a high priority and I haven't heard of this impacting our community yet. let me know if you have problems!

05/21/22 Musella Foundation webinar this Sunday 5/22/22 has been postponed!        

 Sorry about that - last minute scheduling problem popped up.  Will reschedule when possible!

05/19/22 Take a stand for those who can't with the Promising Pathway Act        

 I have the utmost respect for the people at the FDA - I have worked with them a lot, and find they are very knowledgeable and want to help us get to the cure quickly. However, they are shackled down with laws that were not designed to handle our needs. We will probably never have a magic bullet that cures brain tumors.  The cure is going to be a cocktail approach made up of drugs that by themselves can not get FDA approval - so under the current system we will not get the cure. This bill will enable the FDA to approve these drugs and still oversee who they work out. It has to get approved. Go to and click on Advocacy alert to send letters to your congressmen!

05/19/22 GT Medical Technologies Announces the Presentation of Clinical Data on GammaTile® Therapy in the Treatment of Recurrent Glioblastomas at the 2022 American Association of Neurological Surgeons Scientific Meeting        

Very impressive results for GammaTile. For recurrent Glioblastoma patients with methylated MGMT, overall survival reached 37 months. For Unmethylated, survival was 20 months, which is still very impressive!

GammaTile are implantable tiles that release radiation to the tumor bed. They are FDA approved.  Since they are relatively new, they are not yet available at all hospitals, so if you are going to have a brain tumor surgery, ask your doctor if GammaTile is appropriate for your case. If he says no, check the website to see if your center has experience with GammaTile.  If not, get a second opinion from one of the centers listed.

05/19/22 Musella Foundation Brain Tumor Awareness Month Webinars!        

 This Sunday night's webinar is about stereotactic radiosurgery for vestibular schwannomas, but it is applicable to all brain tumors!   The following webinar is about GammaTile, and there is new data recently presented at a scientific meeting that we now be presented here (in easy to understand language!)

05/19/22 Clark, NJ National Walks to End Brain Tumors - 5K Walk/Run on July 24, 2022        

 We added another fundraiser in NJ this time!   These walks play a big part in our ability to fund brain tumor research!

05/16/22 Musella Foundation Co-payment Assistance Program is now CLOSED to new patients        

 This was our longest runs ever of having the program open!  We reopened the program on January 4, 2022. In those 4 months we received 231 applications to our program, and of those, we approved 194.  The rejections were due to patients not meeting the qualifications of tumor type, income or having insurance. 

We gave out a total (since the program started in Dec 2011) of $9.98 million dollars in grants to patients to help them get access to the treatments they need!  Each patient gets a grant of up to $5,000 which they use for the copays for Optune, Temodar, Avastin and Gleostine as well as the generics of these treatments.   If they do not use the entire grant in a 1 year period, we take back the remaining funds and add it back into our copay fund to be reused for someone else!

05/16/22 Webinar video about 'How to speed up the search for the cure of brain tumors' posted to website!        

 This is the recording of my webinar from last night.  It is an important one that anyone interested in any serious diseases should watch.. I also need you to take action and help us pass the promising pathway act. The video explains what the proposed law is and how to help!

05/16/22 Cancer Commons Presents Free Educational Webinar for Caregivers May 18, 2022        

 This is from our good friends and partner Cancer Commons.    The webinar focuses on the caregiver - who is usually neglected but is of utmost importance! Should be worthwhile to watch!

05/13/22 DCVax-L Phase 3 Clinical Trial Results - Video Posted!        

 The results are outstanding. Over 200% increase in the 5 year survival rate for newly diagnosed Glioblastomas as well as in the 30 month survival for recurrent Glioblastoma. There has been some unfair criticism of the trial on the internet -but watch the video and get the details directly from the source!   The same criticism happened after every major trial for brain tumors this century.  I used to think there were just people who could not grasp the details and we were just not explaining things right, but it turned out that it was just a few people trying to manipulate the stock market and has nothing to do with the actual science.  When you see anything about this or any trial - consider the source. If it is a financial blog, just ignore it!

05/13/22 Musella Foundation Brain Tumor Awareness Month Webinar Series!        

 This is an important webinar. I will be explaining my Three point plan to speed up the search for the cure. The promising pathway act is a large part of it but there are other pieces needed!

Should be exciting.

05/13/22 National Walks To End Brain Tumors This Weekend!        

 As I mentioned in another news article, we badly need donations!  Please participate in one of these events - you can participate in the Virtual Event from anywhere!  Or just make a donation on our website at  click DONATE!


05/13/22 Musella Foundation Copay Assistance program is running low on funding        

 This copayment assistance program is a life saving program.  I know we all like to donate to brain tumor research only - which is one of the options we offer where 100% of your donation goes to brain tumor research. However, there are other needs like the Copay Assistance Program where your donation directly saves lives. We need donations for research and the copay program as well as our advocacy efforts.   Our fundraisers are again being negatively impacted by Covid. To donate go to and click donate!

05/12/22 Mount Sinai Neurosurgeon Elected as First Female Chair of North America’s Preeminent Brain Tumor Association        

 Very well deserved!  Dr Germano performed one of the brain tumor surgeries on my sister-in-law's GBM.   I then invited her to join the Musella Foundation medical advisory board and she has been a valuable participant since! She serves on our grants committee to help us find and fund the most promising of research!

05/11/22 FDA Recommends Early Progression to Phase 3 Trials for Sitoiganap for Glioblastoma Treatment        

 Sitoiganap  is an experimental vaccine therapy for Glioblastoma.   It used to be called ERC1671 and Gliovac.  Early trials look very good so the FDA is stopping the phase 2 trial and allowing them to start a phase 3 trial.  I wish them luck.  

05/10/22 The long awaited results of the double blind, randomized, placebo controlled Phase III clinical trial with DCVax-L for newly diagnosed GBM was just released! The slides of the results presentation are now on my website at #GBM #BTAM #DCVAX        

 The results are in and they look very good! Follow the link below to see the slides from the results presentation. I am working on getting the video of the presentation – not sure if I can but if I do, it will be linked to that page! This is a major advance in the treatment of not only brain tumors but it is applicable to all solid tumors.

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