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Amount Raised:  $163,510.09
Amount Used  ($150,028.09)
Current Fund Balance:   $13,482.00

The purpose of the Oligo Fund is to support research from prominent researchers and institutions specifically for oligodendroglioma brain tumors. In particular, The Oligo Fund will support translational research or clinical trials either directly involving oligodendrogliomas or that will lead to treatments that, if effective, are expected to be beneficial in treating oligodendroglioma patients.

The Oligo Fund is under the auspices of the Musella Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for brain tumors. All donations are tax deductible. The Musella Foundation does not take out any of your donation for overhead expenses, so 100% of the money donated will go to research or clinical trials for oligodendroglioma brain tumors. (Actually - more than 100% - as they helped kick off this fund with a $10,000 donation to the fund!)

Our initial goal was to raise $60,000 to fund an exciting vaccine trial for oligodendrogliomas. We hit the goal and awarded the grant to the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center - Dr Hideho Okada, MD, PhD - On July 8,2008.

Our new goal is to raise another $50,000 and then publish a Request for Proposals for an oligo research project. The project to be selected will be based upon the goals of the fund. If you know of a good oligo project, let us know!

Please donate by using the form below or send a check made out to "Musella Foundation" and put "Oligo Fund" in the memo and mail to: 1100 Peninsula Blvd, Hewlett, NY 11557 Call us at 888-295-4740 if you have any problems or questions!

Encourage family and friends to donate! Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law!

Google Checkout will process your credit card donation for us - as they do not charge us any fees - and it is completely safe!

Use the comment section to tell us if this donation is in memory or honor of someone - include their name, and the name, address and relationship of whom we should send an acknowledgement to!

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If you prefer donating with a check, print out this page and mail it with a check made out to "Musella Foundation" to:
Musella Foundation
1100 Peninsula Blvd
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Grants Awarded

Fund Usage:

  • 02/11/2015: $50,000.00 to Clinical investigation of Toca 511 & Toca FC in patients with recurrent Grade 3 Oligo and glial brain cancer.
  • 12/30/2012: $6,428.09 to Dr Okada Vaccine Grant
  • 07/11/2011: $25,000.00 to Dr. Okada's Vaccine Program Funded 50% (the oligo half) of project to optimize the vaccine for oligos and gliomas
  • 10/11/2010: $7,000.00 to CED Delivery of Carboplatin as a radiation sensitizer
  • 05/07/2009: $1,600.00 to Bone Morphogenetic Protein in the Treatment of Glial Tumors (We funded an Oligo component of this project)
  • 07/08/2008: $60,000.00 to A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Effects of Vaccinations with HLA-A2-Restricted Glioma Antigen-Peptides in Combination with Poly-ICLC for Adults with WHO Grade II Gliomas

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