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  •     TBD (Coming soon!): Topic: New Approach, Better Outcomes: 3D Predict™ Glioma Test Clinical Data
    Matthew Gevaert, PhD - CEO & Co-founder
    Matt is a graduate of the University of Waterloo (B.Sc., Chemistry) and of Clemson University (M.S. and Ph.D., Bioengineering). Under Matt's leadership and the support of an incredible team, KIYATEC has earned national recognition for its progress towards accurately modeling and predicting cancer patient response to drug therapies prior to treatment. He serves on a number of professional and community boards and occasionally teaches an MBA graduate course in technology entrepreneurship for professional business students.

    Stacy Chick, MBA - Chief Commercial Officer
    Stacy graduated with a Masters in Business Administration (Finance) from Rutgers University and a Bachelors in Business Administration (Marketing) from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia. With over 30 years of successful life sciences, pharmaceutical and diagnostic commercialization experience, Stacy Chick is responsible for building and leading the commercial strategies for KIYATEC clinical testing, beginning with the 3D PredictTM tests. In partnership with the CEO and Executive team, she coordinates all commercial functions. For the past several years Stacy served on the board of OurBrainBank, a 501(c)3 foundation of patient advocates and medical advisors dedicated to making glioblastoma treatable, rather than terminal.

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