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Flight to Remember For hospice patients, they will give you a drone video of your favorite place 14405/24/21
Can Do MS Can Do MS delivers health and wellness education programs to help families living with MS thrive. 34008/04/20
Caregivers Guide to Multiple Sclerosis in Children From Healthline, the caregivers guide to Multiple Sclerosis in Children 22108/04/20
Cleveland Clinic Brain Surgery Department Page at Cleveland Clinic on Brain Surgery 45308/04/20
Cleveland Clinic Brain Tumor Research and Clinical Trials Page at Cleveland Clinic for Brain Tumor Research and Trials 33008/04/20
Good Days Financial Assistance Program To lift the burdens of illness that force people to choose between available care and the necessities of everyday life. 28408/04/20
How Multiple Sclerosis Affects the Family A guide from on how Multiple Sclerosis can affect family members 22608/04/20
MSBucket Resources, education, support and treatment information for Multiple Sclerosis 23608/04/20
Multiple Sclerosis Glossary of Terms A large glossary of all the terms used in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis 27108/04/20
MultipleSclerosis.Net Articles and Information on Multiple Sclerosis At we empower patients and caregivers to take control of MS by providing a platform to learn, educate, and connect with peers and healthcare professionals 22508/04/20
Needy Meds Find Help with the cost of Medicine 35708/04/20
Reddit Discussions on Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Reddit users discuss Multiple Sclerosis issues 23708/04/20
The Assistance Fund The Assistance Fund is an independent charitable patient assistance foundation that helps patients and families facing high medical out-of-pocket costs by providing financial assistance for their copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, and other health-related expenses. 37408/04/20
The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) is a leading resource for the entire MS community, improving lives today through vital services and support. 23708/04/20
The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, known in the MS community as MS Focus, is a nonprofit organization focused on providing free services that address the critical needs of people with MS and their families, helping them maintain the best quality of life. 24608/04/20
The PAN Foundation (Patient Access Network) The PAN Foundation offers financial assistance grants for a variety of diseases and drugs 28508/04/20
Ampyra Ampyra, also known as "The Walking Pill" and by the drug name dafampridine, is one of the few types of Drugs that actually attempt to help MS symptoms. Ampyra is made to help patients walk faster and achieve better balance. It does help some patients achieve much better results. 24608/03/20
Aubagio Oral treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Aubagio is an Oral Disease Modifying Drug for Multiple Sclerosis made by Genzyme also known as Teriflunomide. 22908/03/20
Copaxone Injectable for Multiple Sclerosis Copaxone is an injectable drug taken daily or three times per week for Multiple Sclerosis 24908/03/20
Gilenya Oral drug for Multiple Sclerosis Gilenya is an Oral Disease Modifying Drug Made by Novartis also know by the name Fingolimod. 32908/03/20
Lemtrada Injectable Infusion for Multiple Sclerosis Lemtrada is an injectable infusion taken for a full week and only once per year. It is also known as alemtuzumab and like Tysabri is a monoclonal antibody drug. 23708/03/20
Mavenclad Oral Pill for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis MAVENCLAD® (cladribine) tablets is indicated for the treatment of relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS), to include relapsing-remitting disease and active secondary progressive disease in adults. 23308/03/20
Mayzent Oral Pill for treatment of Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Mayzent is a pill for active secondary progressive multiple sclerosis 25108/03/20
MSworld.Org Multiple Sclerosis Organization We are here to provide support and information to people living with multiple sclerosis. MSWorld offers chat rooms, message boards, a wellness center, creative center, resource center, conference center, an arcade and social networking. 22908/03/20
National Multiple Sclerosis Society People affected by MS can live their best lives as we stop MS in its tracks, restore what has been lost and end MS forever. 23708/03/20
Ocrevus Infusion for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Ocrevus is an infusion drug for both relapsing and progressive Multiple Sclerosis.The first infusion is split over 2 weeks and consecutive infusions are given every six months. No PML has been reported as yet with this drug however it does carry some risk. 24208/03/20
Plegridy Injectable for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Plegridy is an injectable Disease Modifying Drug made by Biogen also nown as peginterferon beta-a. The drug is similar to Avonex only it is not given as requently. 26208/03/20
Rebif Injectable for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Rebif is an injectable Disease Modifying Drug made by EMD Serono also known as interferon beta 1-a. 24908/03/20
Tecfidera an Oral treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Tecfidera is a pill that is usually taken twice per day for Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis 23508/03/20
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Kenzig.MS Links to Multiple Sclerosis events and More Links to Multiple Sclerosis Events Pages, as well as links to payment assistance for Multiple Sclerosis 36608/02/20
Brain Tumor Singapore Brain Tumor Foundation 2,66206/25/19
Xanthoastrocytoma xanthoastrocytoma blog 37706/12/19
The Recovery Village Grief is an intensely emotional and natural response to loss. 38609/04/18
Follow a memoir in progress Karen writes about the lessons she learned from her son`s 20 year SUCCESSFUL rumble with a pylocytic astrocytoma. Please click on the link to follow her journey. 78505/04/18
Braintumour Foundation The Netherlands Finding a cure by stimulating brain tumour research fund 86501/12/18
Cancer Hope Network Matches cancer patients or family members (including those with malignant brain tumors) with trained volunteer cancer survivors who themselves have had a similar cancer experience. 1,61201/27/16
Team Amber Supporting Brain Cancer Awareness. Helping one family at a time. 5,13911/28/15
iSTAR (Initiative for the Study and Advanced AT/RT Research). Atypical teratoid rhabdod tumor (AT/RT). 3,69510/10/13
Epidermoid Brain Tumor Society Epidermoid Brain Tumor Society 6,35605/09/12
The Social Security and Disability Resource Center The Social Security and Disability Resource Center ( is an informational website that provides answers to questions about how to apply for disability, how to appeal a claim in the event of a denial, how to navigate the federal system, and how to avoid certain mistakes that are commonly made by applicants. The site’s author is a former disability examiner for the social security administration. 43,17011/09/11
German Brain Tumour Assoziation The Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe e.V. - a brain tumour association registered in Germany - was established in 1998. It is the only organisation in German-speaking countries dedicated to providing information and support to brain tumour patients. 4,91410/03/11
The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke University Medical Center one of the largest and most successful in the field. It has received the highest rating of 12,76509/27/11
Brain Tumour Supoort Brain tumour support organisation in Western Australia offering assistance to people with brain tumour, their family, and carers. 5,64606/30/11
Find a doctor at is a great source for comprehensive medical information on over 720,000 doctors nationwide. Our site offers consumers free information on doctors’ practices and specialties, consumer reviews, recommendations from other doctors as well as free physician profiles. 5,40706/16/11
Cancer Treatment Options and Management A personalized cancer research company that informs and educates cancer patients on recent peer review cancer research for their specific case. 13,66805/19/11
Site in Australia that provides support and treatment to brain tumour patients Australia Brain Tumour Alliance 10,69802/26/11
Epilepsy Resources Epilepsy Resources 9,07712/04/10
National Cancer network Guidelines. These are the official guidelines of standard treatments for all types of brain tumors. Registration is required but is free. 65,19509/02/10
Beyin Tümörü Tedavisi Türkiye A Brain tumor patient support group established in Turkey 10,64206/29/10
Healing Care Resources This site shares how dying people teach us to enter into soul awareness and heal from our grief. 7,42006/13/10
Boston Medical Center CyberKnife Boston Medical Center`s CyberKnife program offers state of the art, image-guided robotic radiosurgery with frameless technology 27,20703/10/09
BT Buddies A website for high grade brain tumour patients, their families, friends and caregivers living in the UK. 24,21001/28/09
Advent Health Neuro Institute amma Knife is non-invasive surgery for brain tumors, inoperable brain lesions, malignant tumors, tuberous sclerosis, metastatic brain cancer, trigeminal neuralgia and rarer cancerous brain tumors. 11,59110/21/08
ClinicalConnection, Inc. Clinincal Trials 15,37008/25/08
Mimi`s Story: Her Journey with GBM A memorial diary which chronicles my mother, Charlotte`s, journey with Glioblastoma Multiforme: onset of symptoms, diagnosis, medical options, hospice care, her passing and afterwards. One woman`s story through the eyes of her daughter. 24,21203/13/08
Akron Children`s Hospital Brain Tumor Surgery Center Akron Children`s Hospital uses the most advanced, image-guided neurosurgery technology available for removal of brain tumors in children and teens. 36,14202/26/08
The Matthew Larson Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (also known as The IronMatt Foundation Mission - To raise the awareness and funds needed to overcome pediatric brain tumors and to help the children and families affected by it. 13,52502/19/08
Fighting Chance Counseling, reference and resource center for patients and caregivers of all cancers across all stages of illness 13,54601/17/08
Ian`s Tumour Blog of GBM patient diagnosed August 2007 14,72110/21/07
Anatomy Charts & Anatomy Models Anatomy Warehouse supplies anatomical models, anatomy charts, medical books, fitness books and educational products for classrooms and healthcare professionals. 16,56005/22/07 - Sandor Czirjak Md, P.hD., D.Sc. Neurosureron homepage Hungarian and english language website: brain tumors, pituitary, epilepsy, surgery 22,57504/30/07
Celldex Therapeutics Developer of a vaccine therapy for brain tumors 12,33804/20/07
BT Canada This group supports brain tumor patients and caregivers and live in Canada 36,38302/24/07
CyberKnife - Astrocytoma - San Diego Cyberknife Center San Diego CyberKnife is an outpatient Center dedicated to providing image-guided radiosurgery using the CyberKnife® System. 11,07501/15/07
The Annie Appleseed Project Complementary, Alternative (CAM) from the cancer patient perspective 11,63412/05/06
NovoCure - a new device for treatingGBMs The NovoTTF-100A is a portable, investigational device for cancer treatment using TTFields – Tumor Treating Fields 19,09711/23/06
NY State Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver Program Offers assitance to NY patients with brain injuries 36,20909/22/06
Childhood Brain Tumor Memoir This website is dedicated to Sean Crooks who died in 2000 from a brain stem glioma. It promotes the award winning book Can I Take My Panda Daddy? and provides links to the organisations and websites the author and his family found invaluable. 19,56308/28/06
Mayo Clinic Brain Tumor Center Brain tumor center at the Mayo Clinic in MN, FL and AZ 172,54406/27/06
Cyberknife Center of Philadelphia Robotic Stereotactic Radiosurgery Using the Cyberknife 12,76306/25/06
Brain Tumor Treatment and Diagnosis Options at Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment options for glimoas, metastic brain tumors, pituitary tumors and meningiomas. 59,23803/20/06
3rd Annual Lauren`s First and Goal Football Camp - Sunday, June 4, 2006, Lafayette College, Easton, PA A one day, non-contact, instructional clinic to raise funds for pediatric brain tumor research. Last year over 800 players and 100 volunteer college coaches helped to raise over 74,000 for LFG. A pediatric cancer survivors Fun Day is also held during the football clinic- crafts, activities, lunch and entertainment for patients, family and friends. 50,24203/19/06
List of Notable Brain Tumor Patients A featured list at Wikipedia. Identifies dozens of celebrities and other noteworthy people and provides links to reliable sources for further reading. 15,02503/02/06

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