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Site Name DescriptionVisitedDate Added
Cleveland Clinic Brain Tumor Research and Clinical Trials Page at Cleveland Clinic for Brain Tumor Research and Trials 27408/04/20
iSTAR (Initiative for the Study and Advanced AT/RT Research). Atypical teratoid rhabdod tumor (AT/RT). 3,62010/10/13
Cancer Treatment Options and Management A personalized cancer research company that informs and educates cancer patients on recent peer review cancer research for their specific case. 13,55005/19/11
Mayo Clinic Brain Tumor Center Brain tumor center at the Mayo Clinic in MN, FL and AZ 172,45706/27/06
Bran Research Trust Information on Research to Brain Tumours 178,01812/20/05
University of Mississippi Brain Tumor Program 11,57708/14/04
Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR) Medical Research Advocates 25,14103/05/04
Dana Farber Cancer Institute Major brain tumor center 158,96304/02/03
University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center A premier cancer research and treatment center devoted to providing cutting-edge therapies and individualized care for cancer patients 33,71712/03/02
UCLA Neuro-Oncology Program: A leading comprehensive brain tumor program, using molecular diagnostic & gene expression analysis to customize treatment plans. Offers patient support groups, cutting edge clinical trials and Infinity Online software to help predict clinical outcomes based on 10 years of retrospective treatment plans. 142,15404/12/00
St. Jude Children`s Research Hospital Pediatric Brain Tumor Program 25,96004/04/00
The Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. This site serves as an introduction to the Division of Neurology and as an educational forum for neurologists, residents, and practicing physicians around the country and abroad. 29,59204/03/00
UCLA Brain Research Institute The Brain Research Institute (BRI) is an organized research unit (ORU) within the School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. 14,92404/03/00
University of Miami Department of Neurosurgery University of Miami Department of Neurosurgery 19,75004/03/00
Brain Tumor Center of the Neurological Institute at Columbia University dedicated to the treatment and clinical research of primary and metastic cancers of the brain, spinal cord, and nerve roots. 18,78304/02/00
Center For Glioma Outcomes Research The GO Project is a voluntary, physician-directed project to improve outcomes for patients with glioma. 25,48404/02/00
FDA USA Food And Drug Administration Obtain the latest information on approved drugs 19,68904/02/00
Human Tumor Assay Journal Information on chemosensitivity testing of tumor (including brain tumor) samples! 11,05604/02/00
The Brain Tumor Center at Duke Clinical Trials List of Clinical Trials at Duke University 9,49104/02/00
The Lancet The British Medical Journal 10,07304/02/00
The Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information 516-295-4740 The organization that maintains! 31,67803/29/00
University of Pittsburgh Center For Image-Guided Surgery Largest Gamma Knife Experience in North America 24,26703/29/00
MGH/Harvard Virtual Brain Tumor Page Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Medical School Brain Tumor Center 15,51703/27/00
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States Supporting the search for the cause and cure of childhood brain tumors through research. 20,40603/27/00
The National Braintumor Foundation 800-934-CURE A not for profit organization that offers valuable resources for brain tumor patients and funds brain tumore research 26,14303/27/00
The NYUMC Brain Tumor Research Center New York University Medical Center 16,46203/27/00
Clinical Trials And Noteworthy Treatments For Brain Tumors Brain tumor information 63,53403/26/00

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