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11 links found

Site Name DescriptionVisitedDate Added
BT Canada This group supports brain tumor patients and caregivers and live in Canada 36,39502/24/07
NovoCure - a new device for treatingGBMs The NovoTTF-100A is a portable, investigational device for cancer treatment using TTFields – Tumor Treating Fields 19,10111/23/06
Brain Tumor Treatment and Diagnosis Options at Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment options for glimoas, metastic brain tumors, pituitary tumors and meningiomas. 59,25103/20/06
Bran Research Trust Information on Research to Brain Tumours 178,69812/20/05
Brain Tumor Medical Database The resource is a collection of references to the technical medical literature on all aspects of brain tumors and includes references on promising alternative therapies and current experimental treatments. 146,89406/14/03
Dana Farber Cancer Institute Major brain tumor center 159,44304/02/03
SDRT Astro Fund support to Low Grade Glioma patients and cares as well as raise money for research 35,93805/20/02
Scott Vickroy`s survivor story Aggressive treatment over 9 months included high-dose chemo and a stem cell rescue 22,37503/18/02
Astrocytoma Types and Therapy from NYU Treatment of Astrocytoma 26,80003/28/00
Jim Kenzig`s Astrocytoma Links Links for Astrocytoma 26,65803/28/00
Search PubMed for Astrocytoma Custom Search for Abstracts 21,80203/28/00

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