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13 links found

Site Name DescriptionVisitedDate Added
The Recovery Village Grief is an intensely emotional and natural response to loss. 33909/04/18
Team Amber Supporting Brain Cancer Awareness. Helping one family at a time. 4,98411/28/15
Childhood Brain Tumor Memoir This website is dedicated to Sean Crooks who died in 2000 from a brain stem glioma. It promotes the award winning book Can I Take My Panda Daddy? and provides links to the organisations and websites the author and his family found invaluable. 19,48508/28/06
Bran Research Trust Information on Research to Brain Tumours 178,03412/20/05
The Healing Exchange BRAIN TRUST Internet-based support groups for people who have brain tumors and other neurological abnormalities. 25,82004/24/01
Hospice Patients Alliance: Consumer Advocates providing complete information on hospice services, levels of care, standards of care and regulations right on our site, free assistance in resolving difficulties, publish: Family Guide to Hospice Care (more than 300 pages) 34,65306/16/00
Healing Your Grief When you´ve lost someone close to you 11,11204/02/00
Children`s Hospice International Children`s Hospice International provides a network of support for dying children and their families 21,23603/29/00
Bereavement Support Listserv for survivors of brain tumor patients 26,83303/28/00
Excellent online brochures from Compassionate Friends A very good resource of information on grief when a child dies. 16,36703/28/00
Griefnet GriefNet is an Internet community consisting of more than 35 email support groups and two web sites. 11,18803/28/00
Links from Crisis, Grief, and Healing to Other Resources Good list of links and resources on Grief 13,54603/28/00
The Signs of Death and How to ease a dying patient from Hospice- This excellent resource is a must read for those caring for terminally ill patients 52,61203/27/00

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