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Site Name DescriptionVisitedDate Added - Sandor Czirjak Md, P.hD., D.Sc. Neurosureron homepage Hungarian and english language website: brain tumors, pituitary, epilepsy, surgery 22,36604/30/07
The American Cancer Society Cellular Phones and Risk of Brain Tumors This column is provided to help practitioners discuss potential environmental and workplace carcinogens, offering reassurance when patients` fears are unfounded and focusing legitimate concern when they are warran 22,27110/24/02
Scott Vickroy`s survivor story Aggressive treatment over 9 months included high-dose chemo and a stem cell rescue 22,23703/18/02
Search Medline for Chordoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 22,08703/28/00
About Acoustic Neuromas from the Brain Surgery Information Site 21,84203/28/00
Brain Tumor Survivor Brain Tumour Survivor is a positive site of hope for those living with a brain tumour. A site dedicated to discussing survivorship, treatment options available now and those options on the horizon that show promise. 21,83511/17/05
The National Childrens Cancer Society 1-800-5-Family The N.C.C.S. provides direct financial assistance and emotional support to children with cancer and their families nationwide 21,67504/03/00
Search PubMed for Astrocytoma Custom Search for Abstracts 21,64903/28/00
The Children`s Brain Tumor Foundation (212) 448-9494 Resources 21,63503/29/00 Scott Hamilton Cancer Survivors site provided by the Cleveland Clinic that has a wealth of information for patients on Chemotherapy 21,61207/26/03
Childhood Brain Tumor (PDQ®) Treatment - Health Professionals Cancernet Information for Health Professionals on Childhood Brain Tumors 21,59803/28/00
Anaplastic ependymoma --Neuropathology Case Study Teaching file with scans 21,49603/28/00
The ABC`s of Brain Tumors from their Biology to their Treatment A Primer of Brain Tumors by John R. Mangiardi, M.D. and Howard Kane Wm. 21,22303/27/00
GBM Distance Healing Project A study to determine if prayer can influence the outcome of a GBM 21,22007/22/02
Search PubMed for Pituitary Adenoma Custom Search for abstracts 21,16803/28/00
Children`s Hospice International Children`s Hospice International provides a network of support for dying children and their families 21,10903/29/00
A Starting Point: Children`s Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors This Web site links to many other Web sites with information about treatment on pediatric neuro-oncology. 21,09903/29/00
Brain Tumour Australia Inc. An Australian National not-for-profit organisation providing resources, education & support 21,09102/09/06
The Childrens Miracle Network Children`s Miracle Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids by raising funds and awareness for 170 affiliated children`s hospitals. 20,97103/29/00
Wigs for Kids wigs for kids, donations 20,53503/04/03
Search PubMed on Oligodendrolioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 20,50503/29/00
Search PubMed for Ganglioglioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 20,34603/28/00
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States Supporting the search for the cause and cure of childhood brain tumors through research. 20,31403/27/00
Search Medline for Ependymoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 20,26503/28/00
Search PubMed on Medulloblastoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 20,25503/29/00
MIDCO Corporation Maker of Computer Assisted Stereotactic Surgery (CASS) Imaging and Planning Systems 20,19611/11/02
American Brain Tumor Association ABTA is a non-profit,independent organization dedicated to providing research funding, education matierials and resource information and advocacy. 20,19007/18/00
Books on Pediatric Cancer from Amazon A listing of books on Pediatric Cancer at 20,13803/29/00
Yahoo Group: Meningioma Support and Information This is a place to share our stories, our hopes, our questions, and our frustrations about meningioma brain tumors. Please let us hear from you. 20,11209/18/01
National Cancer Institute Cancernet 20,02803/27/00
Search PubMed for Brain Stem Glioma Custom Search for Abstracts 19,94903/28/00
Brain Science Foundation The Foundation is dedicated to supporting research, advances in clinical treatments, and improved patient care for those with meningiomas and other primary brain tumors. The BSF site has downloadable brochures about meningioma designed for patients and families as well as white papers describing medical issues related to meningioma. 19,77510/07/03
University of Miami Department of Neurosurgery University of Miami Department of Neurosurgery 19,64504/03/00
Search PubMed on DNT Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 19,62003/28/00
FDA USA Food And Drug Administration Obtain the latest information on approved drugs 19,59604/02/00
Search Medline for Craniopharyngioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 19,36703/28/00
Search PubMed on Meningioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 19,35003/29/00
Childhood Brain Tumor Memoir This website is dedicated to Sean Crooks who died in 2000 from a brain stem glioma. It promotes the award winning book Can I Take My Panda Daddy? and provides links to the organisations and websites the author and his family found invaluable. 19,34308/28/06 The U.S. National Institutes of Health, through its National Library of Medicine, has developed to provide patients, family members and members of the public current information about clinical research studies. 19,32204/03/00
Neuropsychology Central Neuropsychology Frequently Asked Questions, Forum and Links 19,25704/03/00
U.S. Department of Education/Office for Civil Rights Where to find out what rights you have as a patient in the United States 19,18603/27/00
Roberts Review of New Cancer Treatments Cancer Portal: Easily locate newest treatments,drugs, cures, breakthroughs (sorted by cancer type) from 2500+ medical journals, treatment centers, FDA trials, Nt`l Cancer Inst., etc 19,15801/25/03
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center - University of Texas Cancer Center 19,14604/02/00
Search PubMed for Acoustic Neuroma Customized search 19,11303/28/00
Epidermoid Brain Tumor Organization Home of the "MOIDS" 19,07003/29/00
The Brain Tumor Society Home Page 800-770-TBTS Dedicated for providing resources to patients and families 18,97403/27/00
Medifocus Guidebook on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Comprehensive overview of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, including treatment options and medical journal abstracts. 18,95004/10/03
NovoCure - a new device for treatingGBMs The NovoTTF-100A is a portable, investigational device for cancer treatment using TTFields – Tumor Treating Fields 18,88611/23/06
Search PubMed on Optic Nerve Glioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 18,81103/29/00
Search PubMed on Neurofibromatosis Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 18,72003/29/00
Brain Tumor Dictionary Definitions From 18,69903/27/00
Brain Tumor Center of the Neurological Institute at Columbia University dedicated to the treatment and clinical research of primary and metastic cancers of the brain, spinal cord, and nerve roots. 18,69604/02/00
Jim Kenzig`s Brain Stem Glioma Links Page and Brain Tumor Information Links Best list of Links for Brain Stem Glioma Available on the Net 18,62303/28/00
University of Maryland Gamma Knife Center Offers an alternative for many patients for whom traditional brain surgery is not an option 18,60212/03/02
Search Pubmed on Ganglioglioneurocytoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 18,52403/28/00
Brainstem Gliomas from Neurology to Neuro Oncology A very well written page outlining brainstem gliomas, their symptoms and their treatment 18,41709/03/01
Search PubMed on Pineal Brain Tumor Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 18,41103/29/00
Search PubMed for Lymphoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 18,32303/28/00
Search PubMed on Pineoblastoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 18,23903/29/00
Search PubMed on PNET Custom Search of PubMed for Abstracts 18,04103/29/00
Acoustic Neuroma Association of New Jersey Non Profit support for patients with acoustic neuroma 17,97809/05/04
The Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States a not-for-profit corporation committed to providing a resource for gathering and disseminating current epidemiologic data on all primary brain tumors, benign and malignant 17,90803/27/00
Easy to Swallow A website providing Recipes for People with Chewing and Swallowing Problems, due to ill health, dental work or advancing age. 17,34704/10/05
The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States (PBTFUS) Seeks to find the cause and cure of brain tumors in children by supporting medical research, increasing public awareness of the disease and aiding in early detection and treatment of childhood brain tumors. 17,16003/29/00
American Cancer Society Cancer Resources 17,04403/27/00
American Academy of Neurology Site of Neurology the Official Journal of the American Academy of Neurology abstracts and more 17,01804/03/00
Brain Tumors in Children from the Brain Surgery Information Center Recommended reading 16,51703/29/00
Inspiration Truelly inspirational account of a Warrior and lover of life 16,48010/21/02
Anatomy Charts & Anatomy Models Anatomy Warehouse supplies anatomical models, anatomy charts, medical books, fitness books and educational products for classrooms and healthcare professionals. 16,41505/22/07
The NYUMC Brain Tumor Research Center New York University Medical Center 16,38803/27/00
Excellent online brochures from Compassionate Friends A very good resource of information on grief when a child dies. 16,26403/28/00
San Diego Gamma Knife Center Gamma Knife RadionSurgery Medical Center 16,10403/27/00
Karmanos Cancer Institute Brain tumor research / treatment center 16,05908/18/00
Choices in Brain Tumor Treatment Jim Kenzig`s views on Brain Tumor Treatment and stance on alternative medicine 15,92603/28/00
Dual Diagnosis Dual diagnosis is defined by the presence of both mental 15,83408/28/05

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