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CyberKnife Patient Support Group (CPSG) 86,19007/16/03
Decadron By Dr. Bruce Cohen Co-director of Brain Tumor Clinic at Cleveland Clinic What you need to know about this often prescribed steroid drug for reducing the swelling in brain tumors. 29,25803/27/00
Definition of Ependymoma Brief definition from St. Judes Hospital 13,08603/28/00
Diseases & Conditions Resource Directory for all consumer health diseases and conditions information - nutrition, cancer, diabetes, mental health, allergies, depression, anxiety and more. 12,19212/09/05
Drug Assistance Programs - Free Drugs! Tells how you can get free or reduced price drugs if you can`t afford them 37,97805/25/00
Dual Diagnosis Dual diagnosis is defined by the presence of both mental 15,97608/28/05
Easy to Swallow A website providing Recipes for People with Chewing and Swallowing Problems, due to ill health, dental work or advancing age. 17,48004/10/05
Electric Scooters Electric scooters-Mobility scooters-Power scooters-Pride scooters-Handicap scooters-Scooter lifts-Medical scooters and scooter accessories. Wholesale prices with free nationwide delivery 11,93412/08/04
Environmental Causes of Childhood Cancer and Remission Information Information on suspected causes of brain and neurological cancers, and the increase in cancers found in St. Lucie County, Florida 32,55304/02/00
Epidermoid Brain Tumor Organization Home of the "MOIDS" 19,19403/29/00
Epidermoid Brain Tumor Society Epidermoid Brain Tumor Society 6,35605/09/12
Epilepsy Resources Epilepsy Resources 9,07712/04/10
Excellent online brochures from Compassionate Friends A very good resource of information on grief when a child dies. 16,42503/28/00
Fairview University Childrens Hospital One of the most unique features of the Fairview Children’s Web site is a database-driven research resource containing the most updated medical information available from Fairview. This database includes data on: Childhood cancer Tumors Diabetes Heart co 11,09205/11/00
Faith Emily Altbush This site is dedicated to the memory of our daughter who was taken from us by a diffuse pontine glioma. We have included a number of articles to help you understand what Faith endured, how much she meant to us and how we coped with her illness 24,10601/06/02
FDA USA Food And Drug Administration Obtain the latest information on approved drugs 19,77704/02/00
Fighting Chance Counseling, reference and resource center for patients and caregivers of all cancers across all stages of illness 13,54601/17/08
Find a doctor at is a great source for comprehensive medical information on over 720,000 doctors nationwide. Our site offers consumers free information on doctors’ practices and specialties, consumer reviews, recommendations from other doctors as well as free physician profiles. 5,40706/16/11
Gamma Knife Page (Elekta) Excellent explanation of how the Gamma Knife works 11,32504/02/00
Gamma Knife Radiosurgery and Immunotherapy for Brain Tumors All types of brain tumors and their treatments described 103,38304/09/01
GBM Distance Healing Project A study to determine if prayer can influence the outcome of a GBM 21,38907/22/02
German Brain Tumour Assoziation The Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe e.V. - a brain tumour association registered in Germany - was established in 1998. It is the only organisation in German-speaking countries dedicated to providing information and support to brain tumour patients. 4,91410/03/11
Gerson Therapy The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic treatment of degenerative disease 12,25503/28/00
Griefnet GriefNet is an Internet community consisting of more than 35 email support groups and two web sites. 11,22203/28/00
Healing Care Resources This site shares how dying people teach us to enter into soul awareness and heal from our grief. 7,42006/13/10
Healing Your Grief When you´ve lost someone close to you 11,14904/02/00
Hospice Patients Alliance: Consumer Advocates providing complete information on hospice services, levels of care, standards of care and regulations right on our site, free assistance in resolving difficulties, publish: Family Guide to Hospice Care (more than 300 pages) 34,73206/16/00
Human Tumor Assay Journal Information on chemosensitivity testing of tumor (including brain tumor) samples! 11,10704/02/00
Ian`s Tumour Blog of GBM patient diagnosed August 2007 14,72110/21/07
Inspiration Truelly inspirational account of a Warrior and lover of life 16,62010/21/02
International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA) An alliance of support, advocacy and information groups for brain tumo(u)r patients and carers in different countries which also includes researchers, scientists, clinicians and allied health professionals who work in the area of brain tumours. 11,32206/10/05
iSTAR (Initiative for the Study and Advanced AT/RT Research). Atypical teratoid rhabdod tumor (AT/RT). 3,69510/10/13
Jane Symons Follow Jane`s Progress with her fight against a GBM 15,32311/18/05
Jim Kenzig`s Astrocytoma Links Links for Astrocytoma 26,65503/28/00
Jim Kenzig`s Brain Stem Glioma Links Page and Brain Tumor Information Links Best list of Links for Brain Stem Glioma Available on the Net 18,70903/28/00
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine A peer-reviewed periodical indexed with MEDLINE and EMBASE with free full-text access to articles. 10,86611/16/01
Karmanos Cancer Institute Brain tumor research / treatment center 16,20208/18/00
Late Radiation Deafness in Children with Brain Stem Tumors Abstract 24,21503/29/00
Legacy - where life stories live on Memorials 15,37012/29/03
Links from Crisis, Grief, and Healing to Other Resources Good list of links and resources on Grief 13,57803/28/00
List of Notable Brain Tumor Patients A featured list at Wikipedia. Identifies dozens of celebrities and other noteworthy people and provides links to reliable sources for further reading. 15,02503/02/06
Locks of Love how people can donate hair for wigs for people losing hair to chemotherapy 24,63710/18/01
Lymphoma Research Foundation of America 10,22703/28/00
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center - University of Texas Cancer Center 19,25004/02/00
Make-A-Wish Grants wishes for terminally ill children. The worlds largest granter of wishes! 40,43503/29/00
Marty`s Joke of the Day Stories about Marty, his family, and his 4 sons. The youngest has brain cancer. 40,11509/14/05
Mayo Clinic Brain Tumor Center Brain tumor center at the Mayo Clinic in MN, FL and AZ 172,54406/27/06
MedFriendly Free medical dictionary with easy to understand entries. 25,37405/01/02
Medical Breakthroughs Subscribe to their free email newsletter! 15,13904/02/00
Medifocus Guidebook on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Comprehensive overview of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, including treatment options and medical journal abstracts. 19,09404/10/03
MedScape OnLine Drug and disease information 11,13804/03/00
Medulloblastoma Patient and Caregiver resources Support resources for anyone affected by medulloblastoma 12,54006/16/05
Medulloblastoma/PNET Definition from St. Judes 15,37303/29/00
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 11,54003/27/00
Mercy Medical Travel Assistance Free / discounted air fare for brain tumor patients 24,59905/06/02
MGH/Harvard Virtual Brain Tumor Page Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Medical School Brain Tumor Center 15,57603/27/00
MIDCO Corporation Maker of Computer Assisted Stereotactic Surgery (CASS) Imaging and Planning Systems 20,36011/11/02
Mimi`s Story: Her Journey with GBM A memorial diary which chronicles my mother, Charlotte`s, journey with Glioblastoma Multiforme: onset of symptoms, diagnosis, medical options, hospice care, her passing and afterwards. One woman`s story through the eyes of her daughter. 24,21203/13/08
Mount Sinai Medical Center Brain Tumor Program Mount Sinai Medical Center Brain Tumor Program 55,86504/19/01
My Cancer News Cancer treatment search engine finds news of newest financial help for cancer patients and families. 26,69701/25/03
National Brain Tumor Society Supports research & offers free patient & family support services 10,51608/08/05
National Cancer Institute Cancernet 20,21103/27/00
National Cancer Institute Brain Tumor Clinical Trial Search Search NCI for cancer trial information 43,86503/27/00
National Cancer network Guidelines. These are the official guidelines of standard treatments for all types of brain tumors. Registration is required but is free. 65,19509/02/10
National Childhood Cancer Foundation/Children`s Cancer Group (NCCF/CCG) This Web site informs the public about facts on childhood cancer, stories of cancer survivors, clinical trial information of the Children`s Cancer Group, and locations of CCG institutions. 14,22503/29/00
National Institute of Health Home Page Offers health information, grants and funding opportunities for research. 29,00504/03/00
Nature Medicine Online Magazine 10,72803/28/00
NCI Cancernet CancerLinks Cancernets choices for some of the best resources on the web for Cancer 14,84003/29/00
NCI Cancernet Physicians Data Query (PDQ) NCI database that contains the latest information about cancer treatment, screening, prevention, genetics, and supportive care, plus clinical trials. 29,88403/29/00
NCI PDQ on Adult Brain Tumor Patient Information 31,70303/29/00
Neuro-oncology journal Medical journal - technical 10,41704/01/02
Neuro-Oncology Program @ Moffitt Cancer Center Neuro-Oncology Program located in Tampa, Florida. Moffitt is a NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center. Our program is part of the national CNS consortium, NABTT. 123,89502/21/02
Neuropsychology Central Neuropsychology Frequently Asked Questions, Forum and Links 19,39304/03/00
Neurosurgery Online For doctors, but a lotof useful information patients can appreciate 15,08104/01/02
NEW CANCER TREATMENTS, cures, research breakthroughs reported daily! Latest cancer news (by type) from 2500+ medical and research journals, FDA, and other sources 176,08604/09/01

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