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NINDS Surgical Neurology Branch National Institute of Health 10,79603/27/00
NovoCure - a new device for treatingGBMs The NovoTTF-100A is a portable, investigational device for cancer treatment using TTFields – Tumor Treating Fields 18,88711/23/06
Nutrition, Aids and Coping Following Brain Tumors: Making the Best of What is Left Btlinks exclusive article by Brain Tumor Patient Jim Hollens 11,72603/28/00
NY State Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver Program Offers assitance to NY patients with brain injuries 35,99209/22/06
OHSU Pituitary Unit A comprehensive treatment center for the management of pituitary tumors and diseases of the pituitary gland 14,94404/28/03
Outlook: Life Beyond Childhood Cancer This is an interactive information and support system for long-term survivors of childhood cancer and their families. 11,32103/29/00
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States Supporting the search for the cause and cure of childhood brain tumors through research. 20,31403/27/00
PedJobs The official employment resource for the American Academy of Pediatrics 29,80906/17/05
Picture Helps for Children who can`t read or speak A communication aid for patients and caregivers by Jim Kenzig. . Hint: Change your printer orientation setting to Landscape mode for this to print out correctly 43,40803/29/00
Pituitary Tumor Mailing List The Pituitary List Serve is designed for patients and care givers who have, or have had Pituitary Tumors and Disorders. 15,00204/02/00
Pub Med Search for articles on brain tumors. Free. Like medline. 15,14704/01/02
PUBMED Medline at the National Institute of Health Search for medical information and abstracts 12,49004/03/00
Rebif Injectable for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Rebif is an injectable Disease Modifying Drug made by EMD Serono also known as interferon beta 1-a. 14608/03/20
Roberts Review of New Cancer Treatments Cancer Portal: Easily locate newest treatments,drugs, cures, breakthroughs (sorted by cancer type) from 2500+ medical journals, treatment centers, FDA trials, Nt`l Cancer Inst., etc 19,15901/25/03
RXlist.Com Internet Drug Index 10,87403/27/00
San Diego Gamma Knife Center Gamma Knife RadionSurgery Medical Center 16,10403/27/00
Sarcoma Alliance 14,63708/24/01
Scott Vickroy`s survivor story Aggressive treatment over 9 months included high-dose chemo and a stem cell rescue 22,23703/18/02
SDRT Astro Fund support to Low Grade Glioma patients and cares as well as raise money for research 35,68805/20/02
Search Medline for Chordoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 22,08803/28/00
Search Medline for Craniopharyngioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 19,36803/28/00
Search Medline for Ependymoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 20,26603/28/00
Search PubMed for Acoustic Neuroma Customized search 19,11303/28/00
Search PubMed for Astrocytoma Custom Search for Abstracts 21,64903/28/00
Search PubMed for Brain Stem Glioma Custom Search for Abstracts 19,94903/28/00
Search PubMed for Ganglioglioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 20,34603/28/00
Search PubMed for Glioblastoma Multiforme Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 23,96603/28/00
Search PubMed for Lymphoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 18,32403/28/00
Search PubMed for Pituitary Adenoma Custom Search for abstracts 21,16803/28/00
Search PubMed on DNT Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 19,62003/28/00
Search Pubmed on Ganglioglioneurocytoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 18,52503/28/00
Search PubMed on Medulloblastoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 20,25503/29/00
Search PubMed on Meningioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 19,35003/29/00
Search PubMed on Neurofibromatosis Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 18,72103/29/00
Search PubMed on Oligodendrolioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 20,50503/29/00
Search PubMed on Optic Nerve Glioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 18,81203/29/00
Search PubMed on Pineal Brain Tumor Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 18,41203/29/00
Search PubMed on Pineoblastoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts 18,23903/29/00
Search PubMed on PNET Custom Search of PubMed for Abstracts 18,04203/29/00
Second Chance A Novel by Daniel Ovist - A full length book, available free! 10,50604/04/00
Select Review in Neuro - Oncology 13,76710/18/00
ShuntCheck Only FDA-cleared non-invasive method to detect CSF flow in VP/VA shunts 15,72804/01/05
Sit Stand MRI Child & Large People 500 lbs Friendly Positinal of Pain MRI scans case studies 13,89702/01/05
Site in Australia that provides support and treatment to brain tumour patients Australia Brain Tumour Alliance 10,60402/26/11
Skull Base Institute Minimally invasive surgery for brain tumors 117,13203/11/05
St. Jude Children`s Research Hospital Pediatric Brain Tumor Program 25,84104/04/00
Staten Island University Hospital, New York Radiation-Oncology Dept. - Has easy to read papers on brain tumors (and other cancers) for patients. 14,03804/04/00
Surgery in Supratentorial Low Grade Gliomas Patrick J. Kelly, M.D.,FACS 13,09403/28/00
The ABC`s of Brain Tumors from their Biology to their Treatment A Primer of Brain Tumors by John R. Mangiardi, M.D. and Howard Kane Wm. 21,22403/27/00
The Acoustic Neuroma Association provides information and support to patients who have been diagnosed with or experienced an acoustic neuroma or other benign problem affecting the cranial nerves 14,98703/28/00
The American Cancer Society Cellular Phones and Risk of Brain Tumors This column is provided to help practitioners discuss potential environmental and workplace carcinogens, offering reassurance when patients` fears are unfounded and focusing legitimate concern when they are warran 22,27310/24/02
The Annie Appleseed Project Complementary, Alternative (CAM) from the cancer patient perspective 11,51112/05/06
The Brad Kaminsky Foundation for Brain Tumor Research Brain Tumor Organizations 10,53409/12/01
THE Brain Trust meningioma internet support group Meningioma support 14,56203/08/03
The Brain Tumor Center at Duke Clinical Trials List of Clinical Trials at Duke University 9,42604/02/00
The Brain Tumor Foundation Providing support and resources for brain tumor patients and their loved ones 15,61911/10/04
The Brain Tumor Society Home Page 800-770-TBTS Dedicated for providing resources to patients and families 18,97503/27/00
The Cancer Nutrition Center Expert nutrition advice for cancer patients and their families 11,94003/26/04
The Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States a not-for-profit corporation committed to providing a resource for gathering and disseminating current epidemiologic data on all primary brain tumors, benign and malignant 17,90903/27/00
The Children`s Brain Tumor Foundation (212) 448-9494 Resources 21,63603/29/00
The Children`s Tumor Foundation: Ending Neurofibromatosis Through Research 13,85303/29/00
The Childrens Miracle Network Children`s Miracle Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids by raising funds and awareness for 170 affiliated children`s hospitals. 20,97103/29/00
The Cleveland Clinic Department of Neurosurgery and Brain Tumor Center World Reknowned Brain Tumor Center 15,51903/27/00
The Connecticut Hospice The Connecticut Hospice inaugurated hospice care in America in 1974. Since then, it has been the beacon and teacher of the growing hospice movement throughout the nation, and beyond. Connecticut Hospice addresses physical,spiritual, social, and emotional needs of patients with advanced irreversible illness, and their families. Such care is provided regardless of diagnosis and as long as the Hospice level of care is needed by the patients. 11,19807/01/02
The David A. Nass, Jr. Memorial Foundation Empowerment of brain cancer patients through knowledge of the system; focuses on patient rights regarding experientmental treatment, including access to information and access to promising experimental treatment. 10,30410/04/00
The Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. This site serves as an introduction to the Division of Neurology and as an educational forum for neurologists, residents, and practicing physicians around the country and abroad. 29,47104/03/00
The Doe Report The Doe Report is the Internet`s largest library of medical demonstrative evidence for attorneys, containing thousands of exhibits, illustrations, anatomical models, and medical research. 10,49308/13/01
The Healing Exchange BRAIN TRUST Internet-based support groups for people who have brain tumors and other neurological abnormalities. 25,66504/24/01
The Healing Exchange BRAIN TRUST online support group -- The Meningioma List 11,25011/03/02
The Infography about Malignant Glioma Resources for brain tumors 51,92204/30/04
The Lancet The British Medical Journal 10,01804/02/00
The Matthew Larson Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (also known as The IronMatt Foundation Mission - To raise the awareness and funds needed to overcome pediatric brain tumors and to help the children and families affected by it. 13,40502/19/08
The Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information 516-295-4740 The organization that maintains! 31,57103/29/00
The National Braintumor Foundation 800-934-CURE A not for profit organization that offers valuable resources for brain tumor patients and funds brain tumore research 26,04703/27/00
The National Childrens Cancer Society 1-800-5-Family The N.C.C.S. provides direct financial assistance and emotional support to children with cancer and their families nationwide 21,67604/03/00

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